Monday, September 15, 2014

Visit to Seekonk Public Library's Innovation Center

Recently I stepped in to the Seekonk Public Library and I encountered a Makerbot-- soo exciting! You bring your file and print it out.
 You can print in 2 colors, choose from among 10 different colors.
 They have samples of what the machine can do.

You pay by the gram (starting at 50cents), and there is an FAQ on the wall:

They also have a video training (, whole bunch of digital tools (Adobe creative cloud), and VHS to DVD conversion software. This is true innovation, and can do wonders for job creation, educating citizens on technology and promoting interest in STEM for all ages.  As someone who has seen a neighborhood library close due to lack of community engagement, having a makerspace like this could unite a community. Having spaces like this can encourage people to share knowledge about how to seek information, design, build and fix things. This is a direction where all libraries should go to foster community interaction!

If anyone know of other libraries with makerspaces, please let me know. I'd love to learn more about these places and see what types of machines they have. I imagine a lasercutter would be pretty useful, along with a digital photography station.  Library makerspaces are totally awesome and cool! I'm going to have to come back some day to try it out.

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