Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Memorial Weekend in NYC

This was a terrific weekend. The weather was hot and sunny! We were finally done with our schoolwork for the term! And I went to NYC to see my friend Barbie, her boyfriend Duane, and also my brother Ben, and sister-in-law, Kelly.
Barbie, Duane, Jim and I did the double-decker bus tour of uptown, and Kelly and Ben made some awesome food. Ben and Kelly had gotten this GYNORMOUS flat panel TV and were laid back. The trusty FungWah got us there, but I think we'll lay off that for a while. It was a good time, and relaxing to get away from the stress of school. You can see the Memorial Day Weekend
pictures here.

here's to a great start to our summer!

OWL Movie!

Check out my owl movie! More to come in next few days.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Gigantic Crunchies from Montreal

In April, Jim presented his poster at CHI 2006 in beautiful Montreal. You can see us romping around Montreal. We had a terrific time, especially when we went to the IGA Louis Menard Marche and found these gynormous crunchies!
We also got a tour of XSLabs, thanks to Joey and Vincent! Whoo hoo! See Christine's blog for more pix.

Thanksgiving 05 Pix are up!

Thanksgiving at Ben and Kelly's

Jim's bday pix from my phone

Finally put pictures from Jim's birthday party last year up. Not bad for pix from an A1000.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006