Monday, May 30, 2005

Blue Tango - Argentine Tango Classes in Boston - Hsueh-tze Lee

Blue Tango - Argentine Tango Classes in Boston - Hsueh-tze Lee

dragos stand in

Keaton Kool Rocks with this version of dragostea din tei... enjoy it on newgroundsdragos stand in. There's just something so great about the way the aliens float above the earth. halo, salut

Dance to the Piper by Agnes de Mille: A-1 Women's Discount Bookstore

One of my favorite paragraphs is from this book: Dance to the Piper by Agnes de Mille: A-1 Women's Discount Bookstore.
Anna Pavlova! My life stops as I write that name. Across the daily preoccupation of lessons, lunch boxes, tooth brushings and quarrelings with Margaret flashed this bright, unworldly experience and burned in a single afternoon a path over which I could never retrace my steps. I had witnessed the power of beauty, and in some chamber of my heart I lost forever my irresponsibility. I was as clearly marked as though she had looked me in the face and called my name." (opening, Chapter 6) c. 1951, 1952 Agnes de Mille

Sunday, May 29, 2005

W Hotels The Store

I have no idea where I got W Hotel CD Rhythm and Muse II, but the cd is actually pretty cool.

Today is dedicated to MOBY's Extreme ways

So, I went to dance class today and heard the moby song Extreme Ways. It was from the Bourne Supremacy, and I just want to say...

So many heartaches, so many faces
So many dirty things
You couldn't believe

I would stand in line for this
It's always good in life for this

Oh baby, oh baby
Then it fell apart, fell apart
Oh baby, oh baby
Then it fell apart, it fell apart
Oh baby, oh baby
Then it fell apart, it fell apart
Oh baby, oh baby
Like it always does, always does

Saturday, May 28, 2005

old Whiskey Willie

You better stop that drinking, whiskey willie. cause your hands are shaking, you walk a wreck. Your heart is a-breaking and you lookin' like hell. You'd better tell that gal you'll let her go...
Or you can try...Letterboxing

Friday, May 27, 2005

BBC News | SCI/TECH | Petrol-powered boot lifts off

BBC News | SCI/TECH | Petrol-powered boot lifts off


I know people who really want to be pop stars, others who want to be truck drivers. PostSecret is the place to post your secret dream! yah!!!

Yamaha "MyRoom" :

The Yamaha "MyRoom" : is available in three types - natural, standard (medium brown) and deluxe (dark brown). The natural and standard rooms differ only in colour. The deluxe room has thicker walls and, therefore, increased soundproofing ability.
It's the ultimate escape.Who will want to use this first? The husbands or the wives!?" Wonder when amazon will sell it.

How to Use the Dial Phone

Internet Archive: Details: How to Use the Dial Phone. The govt makes a presentation to teach people how to dial a rotary phone.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Post Ranch Inn - Big Sur Lodging Luxury Hotel, Spa, Resort

Post Ranch Inn - Big Sur Lodging Luxury Hotel, Spa, Resort... Big Sur! William recommends eating at Sierra Mar. 1200 feet over the ocean, watching the sun set... It's south of Carmel by about 30-40 miles. I.e. working south from San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Carmel, Carmel Highlands, Big Sur. Sierra Mar's one of the most beautiful restaurants in California. Check out, which is the inn ("small luxury hotel") that it's at.

Society for Information Display 2005

Let's go to Dinner with Samsung!
The SID International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition, now in its 43rd year, is the premier international gathering of scientists, engineers, manufacturers and users in the electronic-display industry.

The event provides access to a wide range of technology and applications from high-definition flat-panel displays using both emissive and liquid-crystal technology to the latest in OLED displays and large-area projection-display systems. One can find state-of-the-art information on the latest in image processing, systems software and display processor hardware, human factors and applied vision, and exciting new applications such as multimedia and the electronic cinema.

With more than 500 booths and 6,000 attendees, SID is the premier North American show for the electronic-display industry.

Join us for this year's Special Event on Thursday, May 26, a luxurious, scenic dinner cruise around historic Boston Harbor. Enjoy an evening of fine dining and sightseeing on the water and under the stars, all while socializing with your friends and colleagues.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

MIT Wearables Show: Be There or B[] :: SEAMLESS

seamless is a fashion event featuring innovative and experimental works in computational apparel design, interactive clothing, and technology-based fashion. each project [re]interprets the conceptual goal of a seamless relationship between technology and fashion. these are real clothes that inspire and provoke. In short, this was the first student run wearables fashion show at the Media lab. It was pretty good, with emphasis on the technology. There was participation from Parsons, RISD and ofcourse, the Media Lab (I especially liked the pump shoes by Amanda Parkes). Take a look at the some of the concepts. The demos were compelling because the feedback was instant. It was nice to run into Elise Co, who had designed the lumi bracelet... doesn't everyone love "tangible" light?

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Happy Birthday Conor!

I just want to send a SHOUT OUT to my friend in Chicago. This is a picture of me, Conor and Mark at Japonais Restaurant from last week, a gorgeous place recommended by Mark.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Happy Friday the 13th... Triskaidekaphobes

Muahahaha- it's a good day to watch scary movies!
From Word of the Day: Triskaidekaphobia is a fairly new word (first found in print
in 1911) formed from Greek treiskaideka, triskaideka,
"thirteen" (treis, "three" + kai, "and" + deka, "ten") +
phobos, "fear." The adjective form is triskaidekaphobic. One
who fears the number 13 is a triskaidekaphobe or

There are many [2]theories about the origin of
triskaidekaphobia. In medieval Christian countries the number
13 came to be considered unlucky because there were 13 persons
at the Last Supper of Christ. Fridays are also unlucky,
because the Crucifixion was on a Friday. Hence a Friday
falling on the thirteenth day would be regarded as especially
Some famous triskaidekaphobes1:
* Napoleon
* Herbert Hoover
* Mark Twain
* Richard Wagner
* Franklin Roosevelt

1. Source: "It's just bad luck that the 13th is so often a
Friday," [3]Daily Telegraph, September 8, 1996

Monday, May 09, 2005

CHI2005: Young women, social context of content, and OSS Usability tools | CivicSpace

CHI2005: Young women, social context of content, and OSS Usability tools | CivicSpace

O'Reilly Network: The State of Computer-Human Interaction

O'Reilly Network: The State of Computer-Human Interaction User Experience is a Quality, Not A Discipline User Experience is a Quality, Not A Discipline

Pia and William Chuang's Wedding in Rhinebeck, NY May 7, 2005

It's the season for my friends to get married or engaged. This was a rather full weekend, as Jim and I drove the 3.5 hours to Pia and William Chuang's Wedding in Rhinebeck, NY. The ceremony took place in a little church and was very nice. The wedding reception was at a historic mansion, full of MIT alums.

Betsy and many others flew out from California to hang out and celebrate. It was an east-meets-west coast kind of MIT reunion. My favorite part was when best-man Duff made his toast, and said "Sorry ladies, William is officially off the market" and Tong, his wife sighed out loud "Oh-NO!"-- that made the speech even more funny! (Congratulations to Duff and Tong on getting hitched just a few weeks ago!) I also enjoyed the flappy tent, and hanging out with Cheryl and Greg Yantz. Congratulations you two, on your engagement. Finally, it was just fun to dance with everyone. I saw Rena, Art, and Pat McCormick on the dance floor while I was doing the bee dance. Yay, party favors were honey pots-- just what a busy bee like me loves! Buzz Buzz!

It is always exciting and fun to meet all the nice people from years past, and be reminded of just how cool MIT, and the people there were/are! William is of course, awesome, and a hub for many different people, and Pia seems pretty awesome as well. Again, congrats to William and Pia, they are two of a kind!

Our adventure didn't end after the reception. We had to drive back from Rhinebeck to Boston, but we were low on gas. It was just about 11PM, and we thought that the NY Taconic Parkway would have gas stations open... but NO! Most of the towns we pulled into didn't even have any lightbulbs burning. Not until we were praying (and boy had we been part of a lot of praying that day-- also a lot of leg bumping (but that's another story)), and hanging on until we reached the Mass Pike did we find an open gas station. I'm telling, PoDunk is really no place for a city gal like me. Isn't there a law that at least one gas station in the state should be open all night? Ah well, it was funny anyway.

We got home around 3AM, and I have to say, there ain't nothing like sleeping late in your own bed.