Thursday, March 24, 2005

Guru de Animation

Ian's webpage is a repository for my favorite animations! Go Ian. My alltime favorite is Timber, but that's because its got a "sifl n' olliesk" story going, and it makes me giggle when the guy says "Timmmmm---BERRRR!!!".

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Drink in the DragosTea!

Dragostea Din Tei has us bopping tonight. Mi-ia-hi, mi-ia-huu, mi-ia-hoo, mi-ia-haha, I am so lulled by the martians flying over earth. Alo, Salut, sunt eu, un haiduc!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Noel wants your kid to ride the RolliRider

Rollirider is a philosophy, not just a product. It's about toys that are handmade, and time spent hand-crafting wooden toys vs. mass-produced plastic junk. Rollirider reminds us that solid toys are fun, and good quality makes a durable toy. My friend Noel recommends you get one and spend some quality time. You should check out the video-- the kids are flying on them!

Lisa Yong Sees RED | Network

RED | Network is a network, involving Lisa Yong, who does trends research. Asia is the future, you should try to understand it and work it into your business model. :)

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Pia De Leon and William Chuang's Wedding

So, I finally sorted through my stack of letters to open Pia De Leon and William Chuang's Wedding invitation. yay! I am so excited for William, whom I've known for well over a decade! Ever since the days of -i dog. :) Another friend of mine, Duff, just got married as well. So I'm looking forward to saying hi to everyone. :)

Saturday, March 19, 2005

27 Dishes by Ferran Adria

Twenty-seven Small Courses of Ferran Adria -> The Cabinet of Dr. Adria -> The Cabinet of Dr. Adria: "
Marta then showed us a poster-size compilation of the many el Bulli pictograms that she has designed. We then returned to the first floor seating area where Luki showed us five of his notebooks that he uses to create cooking and tabletop implements. What we found most surprising, however, was to learn that Adria encourages Luki to come up with designs for innovative cooking devices; Adria then tries to find techniques and dishes to prepare with the new devices -- instead, as one would think, of the other way around.

Harvest Moon Wedding to Celia!

yesterday, I spent like, 8 hours or so (from 7Pm until 3AM) playing harvest moon, which I hadn't played in a while. It was fun, and I was addicted. I got married to Celia, who is the nice girl, Nami was just too much of a biaaaatch. And my kid is awesome. I really dig the characters, and I got the seedmaker from Daryl. I have impregnated my first cow, and got my first sheep. I'm running in the black, so things are going well, and having a wife and kids makes me proud. I can't wait to get Ruby's spice... I also met grant, but I didn't get a chance to celebrate with them. I bought my kid a ball and he's named TipitI, after the movie Pootie Tang, "Oh no the Tippie-tai's". :) :) :) I'm excited, I just got my first potato crop and I think things will be okay. I wish I could remember when my I bought my 2nd cow,so then I would know when it is producing milk. Haven't gotten a goat yet. I don't know whether I want one yet.
Still, life is good.

Ferran Adria joins my favorite chefs list

Ferran Adria is a artist in haute cuisine (thanks Halley for teaching me how to say that). My favorites are Alton Brown and Julia Childs. I also like that Ciao Italia lady. These guys/gals have spunk. :)

Thursday, March 17, 2005

�t h e � O r a n g e � l a b�

�t h e � O r a n g e � l a b�

Walkman Cell Phone Announced

Sony Ericsson on Mar 3 kick-started its entry into the mobile music market with the announcement of the W800 [.jpg image], the first Walkman-branded mobile phone. It will now be possible to listen to music, handle phone calls and take pictures and video -- all with one device and with, according to company claims, no compromise in quality. The Sony Ericsson W800 is the first device that combines a mobile phone, a high-quality digital music player (with up to 30 hours' battery life), and a 2-megapixel camera.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

TUI Laboratory and Ken Camarata's Hand Body Room space

Today Orit and Rob invited me to critique the first presentations for Tangible User Interface Laboratory. I had a terrific time hearing the innovative tangible ideas from the students in the class, and am looking forward to seeing their final presentations and demos soon! What is very impressive is the depth of the project scenarios the students presented, especially with the small amount of time the students will have to get to a working demo. I think they are doing things right, though, and I believe they'll all have something working soon.

Afterwards, I got to meet Ken Camarata and hear his research talk on Hand, Body and Room Space. It was a inspiring talk about rapid prototyping physical interfaces.
Tomorrow I am planning to attend the Cisco talk, and hear about the future of networking... :)

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Monday, March 07, 2005

Welcome to Wellmet Project, Inc.

The Wellmet Project, Inc. is a worthy place. There should be more places like this where people who need just a little extra help can live and thrive in the real world, rather than isolated from others.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Mommy Madness

Halley's Comment recently reviewed this article on Mommy Madness. What matters is not getting your kid into the right school, toys, etc.. it's giving your your kid the right values and tools to be a contributor and really understand the world he lives in. If you can afford to spend $20K or so for a preK education, why not save the money and spend it on making the public school your kid in much better? Sure, not every parent will pitch in, but the parents that do will serve as role models for all the kids (not just their own). The kids will learn how adults get things done in a real-world setting. What your kids get from you spending time changing the environment we all live in setting an example to teach them how to be better adults.

Just chucking your kid into expensive day care can breed snobbishness, and plays into the whole keeping up with the jones' attitude. After all, what will your children learn in a school that doesn't give grades, or has artificial social structures that are not represented in the real world. What are they learning from parents who push them to be the best but are not actively involved in their education? The kids won't be able to really understand the human dynamics of the non-disneyfied world they live in.
Almost every well adjusted adult I know had parents who actively cared about the quality of the school their kids went to. The parents were around on the school PTA, the school, in the school, and they supported the efforts of the school. Our high school band could boast many involved band parents for every outing, and our math club was able to raise money to go to national competitions because our parents and teachers worked together to collectively solve the problem. As a result, I learned that going to compete/vote/getting great jobs is not a fundamental right-- it was a privilege you earn by many hours of work and collaboration with others (networking). Just as the same as in the world today, you don't get promotions or become a leader without working hard toward it.
Parents need to stay involved, and stay visible in their children's lives. They need to show by example, and not expect other people to raise their kids for them. Sure, there is the opportunity cost of spending time vs. working-- but how much will you regret not being there for them if you had that opportunity?