Saturday, June 04, 2005

Man and Speech

Today I got to run with the alumni running club. It was a fun 2.6 mile river run, and the day was nice-- not too hot in the morning. I had a terrific time.
Afterwards went to Chris and Shen's bbq and then relaxed home with a browse through Diane Ackerman's A natural history of the senses. She mentions the story of the Jaguar of Sweet Laughter. This is a creation myth found in the Mayan Sacred book, Popol Vuh: Popol Vuh: Part III: III. Chapter 2. It explains that the first human creatures to appear on earth were "Jaguar of Sweet Laughter", "Black Jaguar", "Jaguar of the Night" and "Mahucutah, the Not-Brushed", with one thing in common: all could speak. This lead me to look up this article on how humans acquired the power of speech. "The essential elements of the story remain the same: the ability to make words appeared spontaneously, in full bloom, without ties to man's biological past. "

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: " At the point the blood turned and scurried away was where I cut those sound cues of my fingertips on the shower wall, called 'Tentacles tk-2.' I wonder what eerie and horrifying moments we could have conjured up instead of the traditional cliche lion growls and bear roars we were compelled to use in the final confrontation between Kurt Russell and the mutant Thing."

Team in Training:: Go Betsy

Support my friend Betsy for Team in Training. She'll be running to raise money for Leukemia.

Sacred Falls, Hawaii

memories of high schooll math club...