Monday, August 08, 2005

Deck Prisms on the Charles W. Morgan

Recently we went to the Mel Fisher's Treasure Museum to see what kind of pirate booty could be found in Key West. We came across an interesting glass pyramid called a Deck Prism. The museum had many cool tangible demos, one was a gold bar that you could lift to feel how heavy it was. Another demo was a comparison of a few different sizes of canon balls that you could lift. I also enjoyed seeing the gold boullion, cross-section of the ship's hull and smelling the spices being traded. The movie was a little hokey, but it was nice to know that Mel Fisher was a nice guy. "today's the day!" All in all, it was a delight to the senses. I highly recommend this museum if you are into Pirate Treasure! Arrgggg! Keep searching, everyone, you'll find it!