Thursday, July 24, 2003

Kinko's spy case

Got this from Ben. I think that people still don't know how to protect themselves because the tools we use have inherent security flaws, due to the "features" enabled by automatic updates, cookies, password savers-- in the name of "customization" and "ease of use". - Kinko's spy case: Risks of renting PCs - Jul. 23, 2003 tells of a man who installed keyloggers and used the info to create fraudulent bank accounts. There should be a "dumb" and "secure" OS for these public internet places, where no cookies are kept, and no "unidentified" software can be installed.

Gather and Hunt your food-lLnks Page

Gather and Hunt your food-lLnks Page speaks for itself. In my hunt for knowledge on mushrooms that spontaneously appear in my container garden, I decided to test if the mushrooms are edible... or whether I should get rid of them. Hmmm.... An even better site: Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms

Fungi Perfecti®: ready to grow Mushroom Patches™

Today I found a mushroom in my thyme and dill garden pot. I wonder if it is edible, but in the meantime found that people actually like to raise mushrooms as a hobby. You can get one of these Fungi Perfecti®: ready to grow Mushroom Patches™ and try it out... or you can come over and look at my mysterious mushrooms....

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Fool's Errand

I couldn't resist the guilty pleasure of starting another of Robin Hobb's books. She had inserted the first chapter into the end of the last book, and I was hooked. So I picked up the copy of Fool's Errand (Tawny Man, Book 1) and have started reading. I have some work to do so don't know if it will take a while for me to finish. Then again, once the plot starts to fly, it is hard to put it down.

globe home

An interesting visualization of theglobe representation of different blogs by Headmap. org. something like XML and blogging unified.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

MisterPlexi - Accessories and Attachments for Acrylic and Plastic Displays

This Weldon Glue is strong stuff.

another dog day

I realized that i hadn't linked to Nick's Jumbo Dog Raft. :) Good night!

Fools Errand

The next book in the series I MUST read is Fools Errand. I will wait to read it, though, as it would be best savored and enjoyed in time. I will just anticipate it being good for now, until I can't stand it any longer. I have thoughts of the last book to keep me occupied for a while, anyway.

Lazy Saturday

I woke up late, and stayed in bed finishing the Liveship traders trilogy I had been reading. I finally finished! It was great! Even better now that I've finished it. I read some of the other reviews and could only agree that it was a bit hard to get through the middle. My problem was that the characters had such tremendous hardships that it was, at times, discouraging to read about. After it was done, though, I admired the guts it took to write about such tough topics and also the heart of the outlook the book gave me on problems. Simply, there were highs and lows, and I was better for reading it. I couldn't help reading the bonus chapter for the Fool's Errand, her next book. We already have it, but I think I need a rest to think and ponder on the stuff that was in this trilogy. Hobb had a lot to say, and I think that the depth of the characters was so real that I actually felt their pains and triumphs.

Had lunch with Ian and Nick and Jim in front fo the city hall. We had chicken from the Rotisserrie house, and it was DELICIOUS. Later saw -- Terminator 3 -- and it was okay. I liked T2 so much better. I think it is hard to make a movie that would surpass it. Also, I thought the T-x looked kind of vapid, compared to Robert Patrick. Perhaps they miscast the characters. The girl from "My So Called Life" seemed smarter than John Connor, and John Connor looked really beatup all the way through. Arnold was good, as always, but that's about all that I thought was great. There were good chase scenes, and they did a lot of damage, but the cinematography wasn't as exciting as in T2... and the movie didn't have cool intros and exits (like T2). I guess it was good, but it wasn't great... then again, it is hard to live up to T2...

Thursday, July 17, 2003


I've always wanted to rave like they did in Ziondanch! Especially if Morpheus will make them play the bongos for me.

Jumbo Dog part 2

Why does Nick have so many pictures for Jumbo Dogs? Cute! Does he have a fetish?

Jumbo Dog

Nothing better than a Jumbo Dog! Thanks Nick!


On Tuesday coming home I ran into Derek Tang. So nice to see him. Also saw Hong Ma. Had a chat, made lunch plans.


HipTop Site for people who own Danger. I wonder if there is one for the T720i?

Straight Guys could learn a lot from the Fab 5

Last night I watched the best makeover show ever! It's > Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The results are really amazing and the tips are great! They really make a huge difference, and are totally helping people. Compared to Trading Spaces, the dialogue is better, and the results are totally sensitive to the needs of the straight guy. I also like that at the end of the show they have these great parties... :) The fab5 are soooo witty and genuinely good natured that its a hoot.

Monday, July 14, 2003

Mass DocFinder

Cool site that my friend Shawn referred to a while ago. Check the Mass DocFinder to see how your doctor fares.

New York Publicity Circle

An interesting article about young publicists partying in New York. It is interesting that this is reposted again here. Explains how the press is wined and dined into publishing for perks. No wonder why news seems like adverts these days.

the IXI - Products/vision

Does IXI really make any products, or is it just software? Anyway, interesting.

Mystery SOLVED- sea creature was a whale

Oops! Guess it wasn't as fanciful as I thought. Oh well. *sigh* I was kinda hoping it was a sea serpent or something fantastic. However, Ananova reports that the
mystery sea creature was a whale. Poor Whale! - Giant sea creature baffles Chilean scientists - Jul. 2, 2003

Henry forwarded me this note about a Giant sea creature. So very appropriate, as I am reading about sea serpents in the LiveShip Traders book. I wonder if it was a giant jellyfish or squid?


N.A.G. is a new tool for finding the right matches on Gnutella.

Internet and the Chinese Rave Scene

I wonder if my cousins in China take advantage of the Internet for fun. - Up next: Watch TV on your cell phone - Jul. 11, 2003

Now you can Watch TV on your cell phone - Jul. 11, 2003. Wonder if people will really suffer through the small screens just to see television.

Ship of Destiny (Liveship Traders, Book 3)

I am still reading, even though I have work to do. Right now I'm in the middle of the book, but it is a bit upsetting. There is a lot of conflict and sadness at this point, and it has gone on for most of the third book. I definitely liked the Farseer trilogy better... Books: Ship of Destiny (Liveship Traders, Book 3)

Friday, July 11, 2003

DJs and portals

Related news article
Say Cast a portal site for Internet DJs.
Wired Article about Chinese Internet DJs.
I've always wanted to be an internet DJ, but I never get around to it. I am playing around with Cool Edit and a bunch of other looping software, but haven't quite got the time. I'm working on a techno version of sounds someone shooting a gun. You'll see oneday...

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Live Ship Traders

Now reading Robin Hobb's Live Ship Traders Trilogy. have finished the first two books and will start working on the third. I highly recommend the story, though. I didn't think I would like it at first, being unaccustomed to books about magical ships (although I enjoyed Melville's many seafaring adventure books). The novelty of the magic ship, and the interesting writing style really drew me in. I MUST read the next one.