Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Professor!

Happy Birthday to the coolest, most exciting Prof I know. We know what you'll be doing for the next two weeks...Wii!

Octopus by Marc Mancuso

Originally uploaded by mmancuso2003
Jim and I started our clay class for the summer. It was fantastic to get our hands dirty again. My teacher, Marc, mentioned that he had been creating new whistles. I could not believe this one, it knocked my socks off. It looks like its moving, very seductively and the decoration is gorgeous! I think this one is quite large, so it probably has low melodic notes. I am looking forward to hearing this. WOW!!!!

WhiteWater Rafting on the Dead River

Whee Har, Jim and Rich riding shotgun down the Dead River. I'm buried in the foam behind Rich. It was category 4 rapids, and the wetsuits were put into heavy use. I think we're ready for category 5! It was a long trip up to Maine, but the weather was good and sunny. Hot diggity dog!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Congratulations MIT Class of 2008!

Here are the stickmen 08 in their regalia. Picture taken by Sharmin K. Don't they look great?

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Congrats to people with initials J, D, and L

I'm going to do a lot of celebrating the rest of this year! A hearty congratulations to the 1 L, 2 J's & 3 D's I know who are getting married. Go Dan(s)!!! If you play Mastermind, then I think all the pegs are in the right spot. One on the Miami side, is my beautiful cousin (above).

On the Boston side, a co-Robot. There's gonna be a lot of fancy dressing up when the robots go to town.

Another coworker friend on the West Coast. at Stanford, is finally settling down.

Congratulations All! This post brought to you by the letter D, J and L!