Saturday, July 31, 2004

Pantswagon:: Make Your Own Firesword

Pantswagon now has a blog called Make Your Own Firesword. Friggin hilarious, especially the commentators. Reminds me of home sweet home in Central Square. I think the Hobo Index is down because of the convention...

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Food on Verizon's superpages

I just found this resource,Food & Dining, Restaurants, More Restaurants, Massachusetts, MA, Superpages, Yellow Pages, and thought it was quite useful. I have won a free lunch from Cafe Kiraz, down Hampshire. So that's very lucky... :)

Monday, July 26, 2004

Roland DG Corporation

Roland DG Corporation makes the ultimate desktop milling machine-- the Modela. :)

Dinos ducks and geese

It was a great puttin' and paddling weekend. I was feeling down on Friday, but then Roo was here, and we went to go putting and paddling with Virginia and Jim, Nick, Sopps n Shen. First it was miniature golf on Route 1, and then a trip to Kelly's, where Jim found the Miracle Road to avoid that crazy traffic. Then we went to see the World's Fair, got some pulled pork. Just the perfect pre-canoeing lunch. We canoed up the Charles and got food in Watertown, saw the weir and came back. A satisfying, and fun weekend.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Therac -25

I know you've all read about this. But i recently found this link on the Therac-25 and thought it was an interesting read. Just saw iRobot so it seemed relevant.

Spunky Sonia's shout outs.

Spunky Sonia's Shout outs are pretty cool. I would like to give my Miami Friends Barbie and Jackie a Shout-out!

Roo's blog: At the Boundary Between Grains

At the Boundary Between Grains

a more updated ... Matt Iskra's Journal

Matt Iskra's Journal coolness

Watched The Last Boy Scout,

2 slices of the classico pizza from Polcari's and The Last Boy Scout (1991) ain't a bad way to spend a friday.

Iskra's boring web page

Iskra's boring web page

mattiskra on LJ

Matt just clued me on LJ. mattiskra - User Info: "Friend".

Thanks Matt, I feel clued in.


Matt got back and told me about his conference: 2600 NEWS: FIFTH HOPE AFTERMATH