Monday, June 21, 2004

Massachusetts is abbreviated to MASS

IIES FAQ's - Original Set: "Massachusetts"

If the street name is a word which has an accepted abbreviation, such as the name of the state, you should use that abbreviation.
EXAMPLE: 1575 Massachusetts Avenue

Bargain hunting

Online bargain hunting brings up Fatwallet . Although I've used fatwallet before, I just found some great coupon codes too. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Peter Pan is a bully, The Chicken Run ROCKS / Business / Peter Pan is a bully: "business, using vans to drive his fellow immigrants to their jobs in New York City. Business booms. Pretty soon Pei Lin Liang is running cut-rate, no-frills bus service between Boston and New York. The appeal could not be simpler: $10 one way.
The customers love it -- and not just Asians, but anyone looking to save a buck, particularly the young. What Southwest Airlines did to the economics of air fares, Liang's little bus line, Fung Wah Bus, is now doing to the established order of the I-95 bus business. And in an era of overpaid chief executives, Liang, who speaks little English and lives in New York, still drives a bus regularly."
Go Fung Wah!

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Fourth east and The Rock

Tonight we saw The Rock (1996) at LSC. Vimal organized it, and we had rice krispies desserts while chatting to Slugfest. Familiar faces and good entertainment. What more could you ask for? Also got to see the first episode of Monk on the projection in the Goodale Lounge. It was good, a bit sad. Can't believe Vimal and Kathy and gang have graduated! Has it been 4 years already???

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Good luck HelloMoto

HelloMoto qualifies for the Vendee Globe race by coming in 5th at the Transat. :) Can you imagine 5 months at sea??? Good thing there are satellite phones. :)

Hellomoto Racing Yacht Sets Sail

Today we got to get a close look at the Hellomoto boat. Hellomoto Racing Yacht Sets Sail and came into harbor in Boston last weekend. Moto had a reception at Rowes Wharf. I think its quite exciting that these young people can dedicate their lives to this sport. This race was a 14 day solo race, and the only contact with others was an Iridium phone. The boat was very pretty and besides being nicely painted, seemed to have lots of cool tech. There were at least 8 solar panels and 3 anemometers. There were also catamarans and tri-cats in the harbor, which were quite interesting to look at.

Dinner at the Union Oyster House

So we're sitting in Faneuil Hall, eating fish and chips at Union Oyster House, Boston. Apparently it's America's Oldest Restaurant. The food was good though. Good dinner for a nice night.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Santiago Calatrava Website

So I walk past the Gehry building almost every day, and I wonder, why couldn't we get something from Santiago Calatrava? I remember walking under his bridge in Valencia, and his beautiful Metro stop. Beauty and engineering....

'ello, me duck!

My friend Ian Gouldstone, has a blog now. It's called 'ello, me duck! and is much more cool than mine! :)


Today, I shook the hand of Pininfarina. Can I tell you how awesome it was to meet someone who gets to design something so cool!? :) Motorola Ferrari Challange Vrrooom!

Saturday, June 12, 2004

How to Remove Comment notes from BlogSpeak Javascript Errors

I take no responsibility for people who don't back up their site. I would save a backup copy first, and then remove the comment stuff from BlogSpeak(because it generates javascript errors).

First, log onto your account. Go to the Blog template and delete the lines that have anything to do with blogSpeak. Also need to delete the stuff having to do with $BlogComment stuff.
Most obvious is the line that starts with "script" and has blogspeak in the line.

<script type="text/javascript"
&url= Blog on
Comments By BlogSpeak&width=350&height=450"></script>

Next is the ItemPage section that has "BlogComments" references in it.
Delete beginning from <ItemPage> to <ItemPage> of that section.

<div class="blogComments">
<div class="blogComment">
<a name="<$BlogCommentNumber$>"></a>
<$BlogCommentBody$><br />
<div class="byline"><a href="<
$BlogCommentPermalinkURL$>"title="permanent link">#</a>
posted by <$BlogCommentAuthor$> : <$BlogCommentDateTime$></div>

Found this on the web: h0m3m41d 5cr1p7 15 7h3 l337357 5cr1p7 7h3r3 15.