Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gaslight-- yummy cuban sandwiches

I got to hang out with Jim's friends for once. I haven't seen A & Y in a while, and it was very nice to go out and do something for Jim's friends. They were so happy and cool that I really enjoyed myself. Jim has really cool friends... :) I feel like I spend a lot of time concerned with my own issues (grad school) and it was nice to just step out for a while and enjoy the company of friends and food. We went to Gaslight, I had a Cuban sandwich. I really look forward to going to Miami at the end of the month and having my dose of Arroz con Pollo, Ropa Vieja and of course, Media Noches. Que Rico!

Snow fell on Thursday, and it was a lot of snow. It covered up the hacks around the school and the Tute closed early, a rare occurrence. I had a nice time, and it was picturesque. I really like the beautiful silent falling sounds of snow-- so quiet and serene. Nothing like a good cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows in times like these.