Sunday, October 21, 2007

Apples & More

Dad's been sending me pix of the shindig in England. here's one of me and my college twin, Julie.  She is so creative and I just love how spontaneous she is. We backpacked through Europe together, and we had a wonderful time in Marseille, Paris, Barcelona, Belgium, and Zurich. I promise I'll get around to posting pix from the Wedding and other trips eventually. I'm sure I will be the only one to actually look at them :)

We recently had the apple bake-off at my dorm, and I was impressed! our students did great, the best tasting was an apple upside down cake. There was a 3D apple sculpture "Susan's apple house". There was even a giant eyeball "apple of my eye" by Kathy and Sarah. Apples & creativity go well together.

Other than that, life has been super busy. I'm working on my oral exam slides right now and hope to do a test run on Monday and later that week. eeks.

PS. I also heard that a certain fightin frog will be having another baby! What?! Congratulations and wow. Also, a congrats to my friend Tad & Isa for their new addition, FT. wow! Must be something in the water...

PPS. I just bought a new steamer