Monday, June 29, 2009

Taking off on my Saucony Grid Ignitions

Thanks to my friend Zahra's expert shoe shopping advice, I recently picked up a $35 pair of new Saucony Grid Ignitions. The effect, my feet are light as air and I literally flew around the bridge loop faster than I have in years. Of course, I had lots of help-- an encouraging running partner and a new running shirt (courtesy of Zahra) and having a regimen of weekly work-outs (dancing with Zahra and tae kwon do with Eric). I did the 2.82 mile loop in 27 minutes--- approximately a 9.5-minute mile. Not too shabby for this ole lady and the first time on these sneaks. The sneaks were a great price, too, got them at the Saucony outlet on Cambridge Street just a 10 minute walk from home. My "dogs" aren't even tired, though they are sweaty! ps. I'm not sponsored by Saucony but I welcome the proposition. :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Five Ceramic Animal Whistles

I just ran across Marc's latest whistle creations. The detail on this set is amazing. I really like the soft lines on the whale, and the eyes are just too cute!