Sunday, April 09, 2006

What a weekend!

This was a pretty busy weekend. We managed to see a few movies, and I saw the Flavor of Love reunion (a disappointment but still a train wreck all the same). It was CPW, so the campus was full of frosh. I waded through them to go to my Tae Kwon Do practice, and it was a hard day of practice, but fun. I learned a new form. Practiced jumping backwheel kicks for the first time. Its a moment of weightlessness as you whip your leg backwards to the target. Cool time, though, and I am still sore. Need bananas.

I look forward to finishing fixing up the Shuttle machine and bringing it to lab to do heavy duty in our office. Its in tatters, but it works now, and I think it'll do well as a cad/demo machine. Its got a TV tuner in it, but I will have to wait to see if I can resurrect that. That's what you get when you inherit a broke machine.

I picked up the 3rd book from the Well of Echoes Series again. I was only meaning to read a few pages, and ended up plowing through 100 pages to the 3rd chapter. It was intense. I gotta be careful! Its addictive.

Yams is waiting for me to log into Animal Xing DS, and I have got to go to bestbuy to pick it up. Will do that soon!!! Can't believe the weekend went by so fast...