Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rubber ducky, you're the one!

A fun and wacky valentines day on Stickmen where we had some serenading, hearts, and tasty goodness. The last video is of the hall at the housemaster's studybreak. Its been a giggle of a term. The stickmen also rocked the house at the recent Cookie bakeoff. We submitted 5 entries (including a GRT entry), and they would have all won if we had enough prizes for them. Jim's GRT entry didn't get to be voted on, but I thought it was the best one (and I'm not biased at all!). Pix of the Cookie Bakeoff TBA. Congratulations to the power bakers Sarah and Kathy for their award-winning entries of Spagetti Cookies and the Great Dome Hack. We had the most innovative hall, with the spirit of Colin Cross revived in cookie form by Chris's "Colin Cookies"-- a hall secret recipe, and also the spirit of 3D creation from Kelly, which had people wondering how she made it!

Key West pics finally uploaded

I finally put up the pix from 2 summers ago of our drive to the Keys:Key west adventure. There were some very beautiful parts, like the sunsets, the super rainy downpour, and the waterspouts along the Seven Mile Bridge. We visited that Key Lime Pie factory, and ate some goodies, saw some "funny people" at the "ladies night" on the main drag, and enjoyed getting our tans. The drive was long, but it was kind of fun-- only 4 hours from Miami with cruise control. One nice part was hanging out with Jim and my parents, and enjoying the lighthouse views at the southernmost tip of the US. We went all the way to Mile 0 of I-95, the beginning of that beast of a road that makes its way all the way up to Boston! I found that my street is in the center of town, and we even saw a pirate store! Arrgh!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

See Duff talk at Google!

My friend, physicist/scientist/inventor/programmer, Mike Duff, will be giving a talk at google today. Hope those of you in Mountain view can go. Sounsd like he'll be talking about internet security at SRI, one of the coolest innovation companies around.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Congratulations Robbin!

A big kudos to my friend and colleague, Robbin Chapman, for her recent appointment to diversity recruiting in the MIT School of Architecture Planning. She's so positive and energetic, I think that she will make a big impact in the admissions process for our department.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

One See in Four Stages, by Mat Laibowitz

Hey folks, this looks like a cool installation by Mat Laibowitz at EXIT ART. If you are in NYC, this might be a visual experience that changes the way you think about light, space, and time.